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  • Specialising in Tai Chi for Seniors' balance, co-ordination, strength,...

    45 min

    15 Australian dollars

Maroochydore  Term 1, 2024

 This is an ongoing class, new students very welcome.


                Weekly class on Mondays ,   10.30 to 11.15/11.30     

                              at Kelly Court, Maroochydore

Suitable for adults of all ages, this class focuses on preventative exercise using Tai Chi movement and principles to improve strength, balance, co-ordination, concentration and body alignment. 

We also practice walking and abdominal breathing on a regular basis.

The class is easy to understand, enjoyable and very effective. 


The movement class is 45 minutes duration, followed by a free bonus 15 minute session for those who wish to stay a little longer and learn the Form.  

Cost $15 payg

If you are interested in improving your health using the gentle art of Tai Chi, please contact KaZ to register:




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