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About Tai Chi Harmony

Tai Chi for Seniors, Aged Care support







Established in 2017 by KaZ Blake-Owen, Tai Chi Harmony was created to satisfy a real need for caring, concise and achievable Tai Chi instruction. 


Based on the Sunshine Coast, Tai Chi Harmony offers instruction via community classes and also invites enquiries from Aged Care providers and facilities where classes are specifically designed to cater for unique requirements. 


  • Tai Chi Harmony is a full-time provider offering professional tuition to all members of the community.

  • Classes are inclusive, positive and encouraging using down-to-earth language which everyone can understand.

  • All ability levels are catered for including those with disability, mental illness and wheelchair/walker users.  

  • Separate classes may be required for standing and seated participants, so that full and specific attention can be given to each class ability level.

  • Specialising in understandable, enjoyable, safe and attainable classes for Seniors.

  • Participants will experience more confidence, more trust in their bodies and a more calm mind with every class.


If you’ve tried Tai Chi in the past but found it too complicated or too physically demanding, try Tai Chi Harmony.   Our classes offer a unique difference in communication, demonstration and explanation which will help you to grasp the methods and principles of Tai Chi movement very quickly, thus speeding up your physical and mental health improvement.

From your very first class you will take home skills which will assist you in your daily life, to improve your health and wellbeing.



Tai Chi Harmony classes are suitable for all ability levels as KaZ is able to modify moves according to each group's ability.    Classes are progressive, positive, caring and encouraging. 

KaZ can bring the joy of Tai Chi directly to you for groups of 8 or more and offers private sessions by appointment.    KaZ also offers classes for seated participants, with focus on Harmony of body and mind.


Specialising in classes for Seniors with a strong focus on leg, knee and ankle strength, Abdominal breathing and mind/body Harmony, KaZ welcomes enquiries from Aged Care facilities, Retirement Villages and all organisations concerned with improving the health and wellbeing of Senior citizens.

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